ReSharper NHibernate Plugin

The Resharper NHibernate Plugin adds support for NHibernate mapping files to JetBrains ReSharper. The plugin requires ReSharper v4.1 and supports Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. Its open source, so if there are features missing send me a patch to add it ;-)

The plugin is hosted at Google Code. You can get the source and binaries from there.


0.9.4 (1.0 Alpha 4)


0.9.3 (1.0 Alpha 3)

0.9.2 (1.0 Alpha 2)


0.9.1 (1.0 Alpha 1)


Open Source Project

The project is hosted by Google.


Navigation and refactoring

Analysis support for .hbm.xml files

Planned for future releases

If you would like to see any feature drop me a note please. Or send me a patch ;-)

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Global View of resharper and concerning support
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